Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron, who has come to the fore for denigrating Ethereum in the past days, has shared a new tweet as of today. Sun, which was on the crypto agenda again due to a transaction, managed to attract the attention of investors again.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it has banned Tornado Cash, the cryptocurrency mixing platform for transaction privacy. This ban decision made many crypto money investors reproach.

Justin Sun Tron

This will be directly proportional to my site, as anonymous investors sent 0.1 Ethereum (ETH) to Tron Founder Justin Sun using Tornado Cash. This post caused Justin Sun to be blocked from the Aave platform because it was a prohibited activity.

After these events, Justin Sun shared the following on his official Twitter account:

   "I'm officially blocked by @AaveAave since someone sent 0.1 eth randomly from @TornadoCash to me. @StaniKulechov"


Sharing a new tweet after this statement, Justin Sun does not want investors to send him Ethereum using Tornado Cash.

   "Sending @TornadoCash eth to @jimmyfallon @brian_armstrong @RealPAULLOGAN @SHAQ is fine since none of them is using defi application. But don't send it to me."

Highlighting popular names such as Jimmy Fallon and Brian Armstrong for investors who want to send in this way, Sun does not want to be transferred without his knowledge. Sun, who still believes that Ethereum can create a FUD environment on the leading altcoin by criticizing the Merge update, is expected to share a tweet about ETH passing $ 2000 in the coming hours.

Ethereum Burn

“Rise Can Continue”

The news of Ethereum, which rose slightly above the $2,000 level earlier today, was first announced by the Chinese cryptocurrency and blockchain newspaper Colin Wu. Wu also stated that the amount of ETH liquidated with the rise reached $125 million.

Other altcoins have also performed exceptionally well since June, along with Ethereum, which has soared 80% in the past 30 days, according to the team at analytics firm Santiment. In his tweet, the analytics company also underlines that the enthusiasm surrounding Ethereum and other altcoins is not as high as expected. Santiment believes this is a sign that the uptrend may continue.