Cryptocurrency analyst Mark Arguinbaev examines three metaverse coins with market caps of under $20 million that could be tracked in July.

Highstreet (HIGH) hit the market in October 2021. It aims to combine the digital and physical worlds with a new Blockchain-based MMORPG experience. Highstreet turns original items into in-game items. In this way, it aims to create an RPG-enabled, immersive Metaverse that integrates the latest crypto DeFi and NFT trends to provide helpful tools.


Users can explore its metaverse by connecting to the Highstreet dApp via a Web3 browser crypto wallet such as MetaMask. Meanwhile, Highstreet's in-browser experience is public. The developers built Highstreet with the Unity game engine. It uses architecture and infrastructure similar to most popular metaverse coins like Decentraland. Highstreet supports Ethereum and BNB Blockchains. This makes it a cross-chain project.

The platform offers an NFT Marketplace where users can buy NFTs that they can stake on finance boards and earn rewards by HIGH, UNI LP (Uniswap Liquidity Pool Tokens) and DUCKS (staking NFTs). Additionally, Highstreet has recently opened the Solarium island for users to explore. It is also possible for users to purchase virtual real estate on Highstreet Metaverse and show it to others.

Highstreet has a dual token economy consisting of STREET and HIGH tokens. Primary management token for the HIGH platform. STREET, on the other hand, allows users to interact with the Metaverse, purchase items, etc. provides.

Wilder World

Wilder World (WILD) was introduced to the market in May 2021. The developers built it on Ethereum. Meanwhile, Wilder World has a unique ecosystem of in-game assets. It also builds an immersive and high-quality digital world with Epic Games' latest Unreal Engine 5.

The slogan of the project is "A New Dimension of Reality." Wilder World offers a full-fledged second-life experience. It is possible for users to buy arab, virtual real estate and clothes, join guilds and much more. Metaverse, on the other hand, is still in development. It's one of the few Metaverse crypto games that make up its Metaverse with Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5. If WILD, native utility asset containing ERC-20 Ethereum version.

Boson Protocol BOSON

We met Boson Protocol (BOSON) in April 2021. The project is a virtual mall built in Decentraland. It also wants to connect altcoins, crypto loyalty programs and smart contracts to real-world trading.

Metaverse coin enables users to create trading apps that anyone can trust and use. Using blockchain technology, Boson Protocol wants to revolutionize the shopping experience on Metaverse. It therefore enables a seamless exchange of digital assets for physical products. The primary service asset for the project is the BOSON token.