While the inflation, which has been seriously increasing all over the world in recent years and the decrease in the purchasing power of the currencies of the countries, brought cryptocurrencies to the fore, an important statement on this issue came from Maximiliano Hinz, the manager of Binance in charge of Latin America. "The number of our customers is increasing day by day because of inflation," said Hinz.

While the recent declines in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, put companies working in this sector in a difficult situation, it is noteworthy that things are going well in Binance, on the contrary. In Binance, where CEO and founder CZ made a statement at every opportunity, “We didn't waste money while others were advertising expensive ads, and we prepared for today,” another manager also mentioned the good trend.


“People come to cryptocurrencies to avoid inflation”

Maximiliano Hinz, the manager of Binance, the world's largest exchange by volume, responsible for the Latin America region, stated that inflation rates have increased significantly in almost every country, and this has made people invest in cryptocurrencies:

   "Inflation is increasing everywhere, in every country. We see that more and more people are turning to crypto money investments, especially Bitcoin. Inflation is at 90% in Argentina. These three countries, together with Brazil and Mexico, are Binance, where Binance is the strongest in this region. markets…"


“If something is not forbidden, it is legal”

Stating that it is important that El Salvador declared Bitcoin as the official currency last year, but many Latin American countries still do not enact detailed laws on the subject, the Binance manager said:

   "Regulation is a framework. One should not always think negatively. Unless something is prohibited, it is legal."

As it is known, the recent declines in the crypto money markets have caused many companies to experience financial crises. Major exchanges such as Coinase, Bitpanda, Crypto.com went to the policy of reducing "expenses" and laid off some of their employees. Binance, on the other hand, both increased the number of employees and proved its strength by having almost no problems in this sense, with the opposite application.