Diego Fernández, secretary of innovation and digital transformation in Argentina's capital city of Buenos Aires, said at the South American country's ETHTam conference on Thursday that it plans to deploy Ethereum Nodes in 2023.

The initiative that the Argentine government plans to launch in Buenos Aires is a milestone for the city. The initiative planned by the government will make Buenos Aires one of the first cities in the world to install Ethereum Nodes or a computer running Ethereum client software.

In an interview with CoinDesk, Fernandez stated that the initiative to deploy Ethereum Nodes has exploratory and regulatory purposes and will help the city of 3 million “develop adaptive regulations” for crypto.

ethereum nodes

The distribution of nodes will take place under the regulatory sandbox approved by the Buenos Aires legislature in 2021. Through The Sandbox, the government of Buenos Aires will invite private parties to contribute to the deployment of nodes.

It is not yet clear how many nodes will be installed in the city, but it is stated that these nodes will be hosted in a world-class data center owned by the government of Buenos Aires.

Ethereum Merge Date May Deviate by 1 Week Due to Proof of Work

With Ethereum Merge, one of the first and most important steps is being taken for the transition to Ethereum 2.0. The date of September 15-16, on which the developers have recently agreed, has been a remarkable date in the markets. However, in a newly published article, it was announced that this date may be delayed by 1 week.

ethereum merge

The troublesome process continues in the Proof of Stake transition, which has been expected for years in the Ethereum Blockchain network. The developer team, which has come up to date with tests and research for a long time, also announced an update after its newly released Merge date. According to this updated date, the Merge date cannot be calculated clearly due to the PoW structure that Ethereum currently has, and therefore it is said that there may be a 1 week delay. It is better not to see this as just a delay. This means that Merge can happen 1 week ago as well.

According to the 36th official report shared by the Ethereum Foundation, a critical 5-week period has begun for Merge. The Ethereum Foundation, which made recommendations to all nodes and developers during this period, said, "Stay tuned for 5 weeks, watch updates, stay agile and be ready for anything."