The average trading volume of the last 24 hours decreased slightly compared to yesterday. There was no significant change in the cryptocurrency market sentiment. In the stagnant markets, the fear and risk appetite of cryptocurrencies is at the level of 44 in the direction of fear.

Bitcoin (BTC) is acting as a light seller today, with attacks below $24,000 towards evening hours. Sales have been met at $23,800 support so far. Bitcoin was pulled to the $24,000 limit with sales after jumping up to $25,000 in the early hours of the day yesterday. It failed to break $24,200 in the last 24 hours amid a lack of buyer volume and remained stable. On a weekly basis, its gains are currently below 3%.

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Ethereum, on the other hand, struggled to stay in the $1,900 band today after being rejected at $2,000 yesterday. In the lower zone, the $1,870 level so far acts as a short-term support. Ethereum has maintained its price since yesterday, continuing with a 10% gain rate on a weekly basis.

Dogecoin (DOGE), which is currently ranked 10th among the top 100 cryptocurrencies today, has come to the fore. While DOGE saw a serious demand with its Asian opening, it had a 16 percent bullish performance from $ 0.076 to $ 0.089. The coin, which saw a low amount of correction in transactions in the afternoon, maintains its bullish trend. DOGE carried the weekly value increase to 25 percent with today's rise. On the other hand, as it will be remembered, DOGE's biggest rival, Shiba, attracted attention again with an increase of up to 40 percent last week.

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Another major gain in the top 100 came from the Chiliz (CHZ) market, while other high-capital cryptocurrencies remained neutral today. CHZ rose 15 percent today, continuing its steep acceleration trend since last week. After spending the first week of August flat, Chiliz stepped into the $0.20 band by seeing a 45 percent increase in value from the average $0.15 level.


The highest loss of the day came from the 73rd ranked altcoin Celsius (CEL). The CEL token continues to correct its upward trend, which reached 275 percent between August 4 and 14, while it regressed to $2.65 with a loss of 18 percent today after its 14 percent decline yesterday. Flow, which is in 29th place today after Celsius, was the second altcoin that fell the most with 5 percent depreciation. Flow was among the altcoins that started the month of August fast, and after increasing its value by over 70 percent in a short time, it entered the correction phase.