Travis Kling, co-founder of Ikigai Asset management company, argued in a podcast that an agreement should be reached, especially in the Russia-Ukraine war, for cryptocurrencies and the global outlook to improve.

Stating that he thinks that commodities will be priced even lower if a reliable and long-term agreement is reached, Kling said that crypto money prices will go up:

   “I think if a credible deal is struck, it will drive commodity prices down. They've already come here seriously from the top. As a result, commodities will go down, monetary restraint expectation will go down, stocks and crypto will go up.”

Kling also stated that if geopolitical tensions decrease, Ethereum will also be significantly affected:

    "That's exactly what would be good for cryptocurrencies. Especially for Ethereum… There could be a serious upward movement. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I think that's the way it should be…"

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Commenting on Bitcoin, Kling said that the biggest cryptocurrency means much more than a hedge against inflation:

   "You'll never see me say that Bitcoin is just a hedge against inflation. Because it's so much more... It's also a protection against the irresponsibility of central banks. It's also a decentralized, immutable, global asset. I've touched on this topic at least 5,000 times."

Touching on how Bitcoin reacted to the Fed's monetary expansion and contraction policies, the founder of Ikigai used the following statements:

   “Bitcoin loves quantitative easing and hates contraction. We are in a contraction cycle right now. But I think it will be temporary. The market is telling you that. I think it will end soon. This brings me back to the idea that we are going to come back from the bottom.”