Blockchain sector investments made by Google's parent company Alphabet since September 2021 have outstripped the investments of other publicly traded companies. In its latest report, Blockdata presented a list of the 40 largest publicly traded companies investing in blockchain and crypto companies. It was seen that the 1.5 billion dollar investment of Google, which ranked first, focused on 4 companies. These companies are digital asset custody platform Fire Blocks, Web3 game developer Dapper Labs, Bitcoin infrastructure tool Tension and venture capital firm Digital Currency Group.

While the amount of investment Google made in the Blockchain field last year was approximately 601 million dollars, it diversified its investments into 17 different Blockchain companies. The prominent among these companies were Style Labs, Alchemy,, Cello, Helium and Ripple.


Other companies on the list are seeing an increase in their investments in blockchain companies. According to the report, 40 publicly traded companies had an investment of 506 million dollars in 2020, while this figure was 1.9 billion dollars in the January - September 2021 period. After September 2021, the amount of investment reached 6 billion dollars.

Among other institutional companies investing in blockchain and crypto companies, asset management firm BlackRock ranked second with an investment of $1.17 billion, after Alphabet. Global investor banking company Morgan Stanley had $1.11 billion in blockchain investment, followed by Samsung with a total investment of $979.2 million. While Morgan Stanley and BlackRock invest in 2 to 3 companies, the number of companies that Samsung has invested in has reached 13.

Anonymous Btc hacker

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis reported that losses from cyberattacks in the crypto industry rose 60 percent in the first 7 months of the year to $1.9 billion. In the report, which stated that the majority of cyber attacks originate from the DeFi sector, it was stated that the funds stolen by hackers in the same period of last year were $ 1.2 billion.

At least 8 incidents of cyber attacks have occurred since July, leading to opinions that similar attacks are likely to continue for the rest of the year. The crypto industry witnessed an attack that affected thousands of users on the Solana network, after the cyber attack of Nomad, which was a bridge between Blockchain networks in August, costing $ 190 million. According to Chainalysis, the vast majority of attacks on DeFi protocols are carried out by North Korean hackers. The company estimates that $1 billion worth of crypto assets were stolen in attacks originating from North Korea in 2022.