Metaverse, which gained a worldwide reputation in 2021, is called the technology of the future. In the virtual world created on the Metaverse platform, you can do everything from buying land to playing games. This enables the metaverse to reinforce its new reality. Young players are among those who show the most interest in the virtual universe, which is dominated by opinions that it will continue to grow in the coming years.


Young gamers aged 13-17 in the US, Brazil, China and Japan spend more time and money playing games on the metaverse platform than older gamers. Among the first choices of young gamers are video games, entertainment categories above social media. They can socialize more with their friends than with physical people in the real world and therefore show a strong interest in the metaverse.

While the main reasons for wasting time are the fully provided immersive and social metaverse game, anyone can also be a developer of the game. When it comes to spending money, in-game purchases come to the fore. In fact, it was important to spend money on mmorpg games that were fashionable in the past.


It matters in the Metaverse as well, as 56 percent of young gamers prefer unlocking features that boost their performance. Young gamers, who are more comfortable with paying than in the past, enjoy playing video games to compete with friends, family or strangers more than adults who like to play alone and just for fun.

Can We Watch El Clasico in the Metaverse Universe?

The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which is at the top of the list of the biggest football clubs in the world, is among the most talked about and watched sports struggles in the world. The football match between two arch-rivals is called “El Classico”. During El Classico, time almost stops in the world and all football fans are locked into this match. However, only lucky fans can watch El Classico live at the stadium. Metaverse can bring the world to the stadium.

Metaverse Sport

These two giant clubs have applied to get a trademark on Metaverse. The clubs submitted an application covering the different activities and services they can perform in the metadata, including a cryptocurrency wallet and the possibility of selling virtual goods. There is no explanation for El Clasico, but it is estimated that steps will be taken in this regard, considering the unlimitedness of the Metaverse.