JPG Store announced that it has integrated MoonPay payment services into the platform. Thus, users will be able to purchase ADA and NFT using debit cards as well as ApplePay and GooglePay.

   "We are integrating with @moonpay ! Ever needed that extra ADA to buy the NFT you want? No longer an issue. You will now be able to buy $ADA directly on JPG Store! Just select the amount, buy with a credit card and the ADA will land in your wallet"


JPG Store has determined that purchasing ADA through MoonPay is only available in certain regions and is specifically designed for users located in the US. It is worth noting that in order to use MoonPay, it is necessary to go through a KYC procedure.

NFTs in Cardano are extremely popular, especially among rap stars. These rappers include Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, and his son, Champ Medici.

Considering that Cardano-based NFTs can only be purchased with ADA wallets, purchasing ADA directly with debit cards is a very important solution.

Nothing is now in the NFT business

Nothing, the new company of Carl Pei, the founder of OnePlus, recently opened its highly anticipated first smartphone for pre-order. However, the company is implementing an interesting strategy in the sale of its first phone. Not everyone can place an order for Nothing Phone (1). Instead, the phone is sold by invitation system. People who apply for invitations are queued and their invitations are sent when it is their turn. In addition, special invitations are sent to community members who support the company throughout the phone's development process.

behance solana nft

The company, which managed to make a name for itself by following an interesting strategy at the launch of its first smartphone, continues to take interesting steps to achieve success. The company's next step on this path was towards the NFT world. Nothing presented its first NFTs to its users.

Like its first smartphone, the company offers its NFTs to a limited number of people before making them available to the general public. At the beginning of these people are the community members who support the company. Members who are in the "Power User" status in the Discord community will be able to buy from the company's limited number of NFTs called Black Dot NFT. In addition, these people will automatically receive invitations for the phone.

Black Dot NFTs will be traded from crypto wallets like MetaMask. These NFTs, which were offered exclusively to community members at first, will be opened to everyone on Opensea after a while. As you know, Opensea has become one of the most popular NFT markets today. It is currently unknown how much these NFTs will be sold for or on which blockchain they will be processed.