In a statement made by Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, it was reported that the company's international expansion process began after the completion of the testing phase of the NFT feature on Instagram.

The NFT feature was first integrated into the social media giant Instagram in May and testing began. In the coming days, the NFT feature on the social platform will be available to users and businesses in more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and America. In the testing phase that started in May, the feature was tested by a limited number of users in the USA.

With the NFT feature integrated into Instagram, users will be able to share their NFTs by connecting their crypto wallets to the platform. NFT developers will also be tagged so that followers can learn more about existing NFTs. According to the shared information, NFT owners will be able to share these digital collections on Instagram's main stream, stories and messages. For this, users need to connect their crypto wallets on Blockchain networks supported on the social media platform.

NFT instagram

The number of blockchains supported by Instagram is also increasing

In addition to this development, Meta also announced that Coinbase and Dapper cryptocurrency wallets can be used as third-party wallets on the platform. In another statement, it was reported that Flow was added to the Blockchains supported by Instagram. The social media platform previously announced that it supports Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain networks. Now, the Flow network has been added to this list. On the other hand, in addition to the MetaMask, Trust Wallet and Rainbow crypto wallets powered by Instagram, Coinbase and Dapper can also be used as third-party digital wallets.

Meta has recently come to the fore with its important breakthroughs in the Metaverse field. Meta, which pursues an aggressive policy in an effort to dominate the virtual universe space, has made various company acquisitions for the Metaverse sector. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), on the other hand, filed an objection, claiming that the company could establish a monopoly in the Metaverse sector after its recent acquisition of Within. In addition to these developments, Meta has recently filed five new trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, including a crypto payment platform application.