GameFi refers to blockchain-based games that allow gamers to reap financial benefits with real-world value. A combination of NFTs, gamification, DeFi and P2E models, GameFi consists of games that can be simple 2D games that can be full-fledged MMORPGs.

While the gamified algorithms that generate lotteries and draws by generating random numbers can be considered as GameFi 1.0, the spread of NFTs and DeFi in parallel speed has caused the traditional games we normally play to switch to the concept of play to earn. NFT-based games that reward players with real-world monetary incentives have created a play-win mechanism with many items in DeFi. Here are the notable GameFi tokens of the week...

Astrafer (Astrafer)

Astrafer is the official management and utility token of the open world war game Phantom Galaxies, developed by Blowfish Studios, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. Like other tokens of Animoca Brands, Astrafer is based on Polygon.

Astrafer (Astrafer)

The token, which can be used to mint and purchase Phantom Galaxies NFTs, will also act as an in-game utility. Poster NFTs allow players to use powerful mechanical tools, limited edition special avatars and Generative Starfighters to play this game. Phantom Galaxies is a public open-world mech combat game currently in alpha. The fourth and final alpha version of the game, which may interest both Web3 and traditional game enthusiasts, will be released at the end of July.

Niftyx Protocol (SHROOM)

Niftyx builds infrastructure that can decentralize and integrate global NFT markets, providing a neutral playing field for users, creators and private companies. Built on open source software, Niftyx Protocol features protocols managed by a global community of technologists and developers.

Niftyx Protocol (SHROOM)

The protocol, which is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible and has the system following the ERC1155 and ERC721 NFT standards, can work with many chains. The protocol provides tools to developers and is 100% community owned, driven by the community. The protocol, which can process up to 10,000 transactions per second thanks to its efficiency, claims that the processing time is under 1 second.


DOSE is a utility token at the heart of the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem. Players who play Dustland Rider, Dustland Runner, 22 Pushup, and other training-based games are rewarded with DOSE tokens for their progress. With tokens, NFT can be purchased, items can be unlocked, and special game modes and events can be attended.


Exercise games offered by OliveX make people feel good. Dustland Runner is a good example of move to earn games and encourages players to earn rewards while running. Real-world runs, sprints, and joggings earn DOSE tokens that players can use to upgrade their character in the virtual world or access additional features. Of course, instead of upgrading, there is also a chance to convert it to fiat currency and withdraw it as cash.

IQeon (IQN)

IQeon is a PvP gaming platform that allows users to earn money with their in-game achievements. More than just a gaming project, expanding into a fintech project, IQeon develops products and services that combine artificial intelligence, transfers, personal finance, payments, security and cryptocurrencies.


Aiming to create a self-sufficient ecosystem for users and businesses, from trading with tokenized assets to crypto card shopping, from e-commerce to the gaming industry, the project aims to connect all these worlds in the most efficient way. Users all over the world can earn money without dealing with intermediaries with the IQeon gaming platform.