While the NFT sector is increasing its development day by day, they are at an important intersection with the development of artificial intelligence. Finally, Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of business-oriented social platform LinkedIn, announced a Solana-based NFT project created with images created using DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence software powered by OpenAI.

DALL-E service can create visuals based on written definitions with the support of artificial intelligence. All you have to do to use the DALL-E service, which has a very simple way of working, is to prepare a written description of what kind of visual you want to get. GPT-3 trained to generate images from written descriptions on the basis of DALL-E service. According to the shared information, the name DALL-E was created by combining the famous artist Salvador Dalí and WALL-E, one of Pixar's most beloved characters.


It was recently announced that OpenAI's artificial intelligence system DALL-E 2, which can generate images on the fly or edit and improve existing images, will be made more widely available. The company recently announced that it will accelerate the reach of customers on the waiting list with the goal of reaching approximately 1 million people. Another important study in this area came from LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

Hoffman announced his new project via Twitter and announced that he will be auctioning the first piece starting today at Magic Eden, the largest Solana NFT marketplace.


The project, called 'Untranslatable Words', includes 11 NFTs originally created with DALL-E 2 and based on written prompts. However, referring to the bear market in the crypto industry, Hoffman sees these declines as an opportunity to experiment:

“The current bear market in crypto creates a good moment to experiment with a long-term perspective. The developers and entrepreneurs who continue to work in this space are the ones most focused on long-term value creation. They will build durable products and use cases.”