Gaming company Square Enix has launched an NFT project for Final Fantasy VII. In the collection launched in partnership with Enjin, consumers will be able to get the NFT version of a figure. Consumers who can purchase a commemorative action figure will have access to a special code to redeem it.

We can say that NFTs are rapidly taking place in the game world. However, there are also those who reject it. For example, the name behind Minecraft is Mojang. Mojang announced that NFTs will not be allowed and restrictions may be made on this issue. In addition, GSC Game World, whose signature in the STALKER game, was also warm to the idea of ​​including NFTs in its games, announced that it received criticism from the community on this issue and took a step back. Despite these, we know from previous statements that Square Enix rolled up its sleeves to allocate more resources to blockchain innovations in 2022.

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Square Enix president Matsuda previously said the firm will devote more budget to blockchain technology in 2022. The president said in January that the company would issue its own tokens.

The President made the following statement:

   "As the cryptocurrency world becomes more mainstream among the public, I expect to see an eventual right-sizing in digital asset deals. The value of each available content has been corrected based on its actual estimated value. We will be releasing our own tokens and NFT collections soon."

As of January, the company has allocated $300 million to invest in technology alongside investments in artificial intelligence and cloud. It is stated that the budget will be used fully to blockchain technology.

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Minecraft removes NFT and blockchain from its platform

The developer of Minecraft has banned the use of NFTs in the game, claiming that NFTs contradict its own rules. Minecraft makers Mojang Studios announced that NFTs and Blockchain technologies will no longer be allowed in client and server applications. The team said they made this decision after evaluating the feedback they received from some community members. According to the developers, the use of NFTs creates artificial scarcity patterns, which contradicts the "Minecraft spirit", leading to exclusion of players.