Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of the US-based investment firm Skybridge Capital, said that Bitcoin can go to $ 300 thousand in 6 years, and when that period comes, there will be no difference between buying the price at $ 20 thousand or buying it at $ 65 thousand.

Anthony Scaramucci, known for his comments on cryptocurrencies, said in a program he participated in CNBC from the US media that cryptocurrencies are long-term investments and should not be invested according to emotional thoughts. Noting that Bitcoin and Ethereum are very important long-term investments, Scaramucci stated that he thinks Bitcoin will go to 300 thousand dollars in 6 years and said:

   “I want to warn people here. The future is in our hands… There are many positive things that will happen in the nearer term than we think. Remember that Bitcoin is only a limited asset of 21 million units and after a while there will be a supply shock. I believe it will go to $ 300 thousand in 6 years and then your "It won't matter whether you bought it for $20,000 or $65,000. Today, BlackRock is launching a private Bitcoin fund. Because, finally, Larry Fink saw the institutional investment opportunity here. If he hadn't seen it, he wouldn't have released these products and partnered with Coinbase."

Addressing the importance of the upcoming Merge update on Ethereum, SkyBridge CEO noted that investors may be at the “buy the news” level right now and there may be some selling pressure after the successful implementation of Merge:

   "We can say that exaggerated traders are now left out in the crypto ecosystem. So it doesn't make much sense to exit the market right now. Be disciplined, stick to your decisions. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies where we have our biggest positions. We will see more things in Bitcoin in the future. On Ethereum, Merge is coming, which will reduce transaction fees. There may be some selling pressure after this update in mid-September. Investors may be buying this news right now. However, they should not be traded. There is no reason for us to leave our positions either. "The message I want to give is not to act on emotions. We have positive thoughts for both Bitcoin and Ethereum for a period of 12 to 24 months."

Scaramucci also stated that the latest low inflation figures are also very important and the trend reminds him of the period in the 4th quarter of 2019 when unemployment was low and inflation was low. “We can get back to the figures from this period in 6-12 months,” said the Skybridge founder.